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Many say that this devotional is easy to read but will take a lifetime to execute. It's true!  As a dad of five children, I am learning as I go, just like you. Sometimes I “Crush” it at work and “Crash and burn” at home. Plus, having been in the Army now for 25 years, I find that the learning process for me as a father looks a lot like life in the military with a blend of challenges and defeats, successes, and victories. I also recognize as fathers it is easy to bring home the stress of our jobs, even though we know that it never bears positive dividends when we do. This devotional offers a few proactive strategies I’ve found that help to support putting my love into action for my “5 Arrows” and I believe that they can help you too

They Call Me Daddy Devotional

  • If you are encouraged by this book or it does not add to your life in anyway, I will return your money and help you to locate one that does.  Blessings


Hello, I am your brother Jackson and we are on "This Journey Together".  

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